B2B AToZ Makes The Best Seller List!

Great Britain has been a valued customer for our modest book. As a result, B2B A To Z has managed to stay on Amazon’s Best Seller list for quite some

Has Social Marketing Completely Replaced Traditional?

If you were to talk to several social marketing agencies today, the standard meme of their pitches would be that traditional marketing – i.e., print ads, radio and TV commercials, direct mail, point-of-purchase, PR

Can B2B Companies Succeed At Social Marketing? You Bet They Can!

Below is my recent interview with John Peter Mahoney on 88 Radio The Biz in Miami. We had a great discussion on what B2B companies need to do to further their marketing efforts, how

The Benefits Of Writing A Business Book

I’ve never seen myself as an author or, for that matter, a “writer”. This is not due to any lack of confidence: I’ve always understood my business and how to explain it to others,

Six B2B Marketing Clichés To Avoid (If you absolutely, positively can)

It’s said there are seven basic plots in literature that all stories derive from. If so, how can we call anything created to-day “original”? While the term “original” may always be in question, a

What Happened To The Advertising Industry Of Long Ago?

I happened upon this year-old article on the AMC show, The Pitch. While not a big fan of the show (there’s just not that kind of drama in the usual agency – and when

Our B2B Marketing Book Is Out On The Shelf!

It’s a very unique experience to see your book on the same shelf with the people you’ve admired for many years. Seth Godin, David Meerman Scott, Harry Beckwith, Jerry Della Famina… Hopefully, after enough

Are B2B Marketers Overwhelmed By New Media Challenges?

Company’s persevere. They adjust when times get tough. Make gallant efforts to search for new business when prospects get better, and adapt to new technologies as trends in their category change. Everything is manageable