Has Social Marketing Completely Replaced Traditional?

If you were to talk to several social marketing agencies today, the standard meme of their pitches would be that traditional marketing – i.e., print ads, radio and TV commercials, direct mail, point-of-purchase, PR

5 Tips for Getting Big Results From Small Marketing Budgets

At a recent trade show, I had a conversation with a company that had a terrific new product. They were new to the market, eager to make a name for themselves. Their product was

Can B2B Companies Succeed At Social Marketing? You Bet They Can!

Below is my recent interview with John Peter Mahoney on 88 Radio The Biz in Miami. We had a great discussion on what B2B companies need to do to further their marketing efforts, how

Five Great Methods For Using Twitter’s Vine Technology For Marketing

Last month, Twitter introduced a new application for its Smartpad/Smartphone audience entitled “Vine” (vine.co). What is Vine? It can be best described as life in motion for 6 seconds – then looped. Sure, it sounds

Being Bold: The Best Way To Break Through Marketing Clutter

While this branding campaign is hardly B2B territory, it does shine a light on a type of trait you rarely find in business to business marketing – go-for-broke boldness. Many companies take themselves too seriously.

Are Businesses Fearful Of Social Media?

IBM and Oracle are two examples of companies that have it right. No, not because of their size or reach. Not due to their technological prowess. I’m talking about their fearlessness when it comes to