Are Some Social Marketing Campaigns Just Going Through The Motions?

12 years ago I worked for a promotional company that was decidedly innovative, even though we didn’t think so at the time. Instead of simply creating promotions and sweepstakes and then filtering them through

5 Tips for Getting Big Results From Small Marketing Budgets

At a recent trade show, I had a conversation with a company that had a terrific new product. They were new to the market, eager to make a name for themselves. Their product was

The Benefits Of Writing A Business Book

I’ve never seen myself as an author or, for that matter, a “writer”. This is not due to any lack of confidence: I’ve always understood my business and how to explain it to others,

Six B2B Marketing Clichés To Avoid (If you absolutely, positively can)

It’s said there are seven basic plots in literature that all stories derive from. If so, how can we call anything created to-day “original”? While the term “original” may always be in question, a

B2B Marketing: Getting Married As Opposed To Flirting

I’m  infrequently asked what the difference is between consumer marketing and B2B. To some marketers there is no difference. It’s all about persuading another human being to consider your product or service. The particulars

Are B2B Marketers Overwhelmed By New Media Challenges?

Company’s persevere. They adjust when times get tough. Make gallant efforts to search for new business when prospects get better, and adapt to new technologies as trends in their category change. Everything is manageable

B2B Companies Don’t Believe Consumer Strategies Will Help Them… But That’s Changing.

Great article on AdAge by Marc Brownstein: What is the difference between a person who buys a tool at Home Depot and one who buys a service for his company? Many marketers approach these two customers