Are B2B Marketers Overwhelmed By New Media Challenges?

Company’s persevere. They adjust when times get tough. Make gallant efforts to search for new business when prospects get better, and adapt to new technologies as trends in their category change. Everything is manageable

Do B2B Companies Need To Develop Brand Identities?

  I’ve had a few clients in the past who have scoffed at the idea of spending any energy developing a “look” for their company. Logo? Whatever they created 30 years ago is just as

B2B Companies Don’t Believe Consumer Strategies Will Help Them… But That’s Changing.

Great article on AdAge by Marc Brownstein: What is the difference between a person who buys a tool at Home Depot and one who buys a service for his company? Many marketers approach these two customers

Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

Are Businesses Fearful Of Social Media?

IBM and Oracle are two examples of companies that have it right. No, not because of their size or reach. Not due to their technological prowess. I’m talking about their fearlessness when it comes to

Trade Shows Still Work… Depending On Your Market

There are two lines of thought about trade shows: They are a mandatory avenue to new clients or a complete waste of time. I think most of this perception gap has to do with

Six Crucial Tips To Ensure Your B2B Blog Gets Found.

How many times have you read in social marketing books that your business needs a blog? Once? Twice? Forty or more times? It’s become something of a mantra for social marketing professionals and it’s